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A New Organization for Successful, Stable and Sexy Single Moms

Message from the founder:


Welcome to Hot Single Moms! It is my sheer pleasure to share with you intimate details of our history, identity, stance in life, goals and vision.

Oh, if you thought you had stumbled upon a porn site, I should confide in you that this experience (of visiting the HSM site) is more satiating than visiting a real porn site! For free, you’re going to receive a fleeting fulfilling insight to a Hot Single Mom – various facets of the traits that make her successful, stable, sexy, and still very desirable as a serious potential mate.


The Hot Single Moms group was established in April 2007. I had posted on craigslist countless times over the past 6 years since I’d been single, looking for other single parents to hang out with to do kids or family activities together. That produced one or two single parents each time, but everyone was so totally busy with their single parenting that they soon disappeared after one or two meetings. Since my children were older, I decided that I needed single mom friends to exchange notes about dating and offer each other dating support, to attend singles events together, or to act as each other’s “wingmen” in social settings. I posted my first craigslist ad looking for other single moms for dating support in February 2007, and that miraculously produced several like-minded women – a couple of whom have since successfully moved on to relationships and “graduated” from the group, and a couple who are still here with me. By April 2007, there were about 8 members, and I was finding it inefficient to coordinate everyone’s emails to each other. Hence, the google group was born. Hmmm, but what do I name the new group? After dating several men and being amused by their surprise that I could still look so “hot” after having 2 children, I decided that no better name could serve this group of attractive, vivacious, wise and energetic women than Hot Single Moms! Currently, the group has over 100 Bay Area members, and the ages range from 30’s to early 50’s. A North Bay/Marin County (north of San Francisco) chapter started in February 2008.


I would like to educate people that not all single moms divorced to make millions off their wealthy ex-spouses, or fit the traditional outdated mental image of social welfare dependents receiving food stamps and unable to break their substance-abuse habits. Way on the contrary. Most worked really hard to save their futile marriages and fought hard against divorce, like myself. Some became single moms by choice after rejecting an incompatible partner’s marriage proposal, or decided to conceive a child by artificial insemination or via the sperm bank. And of course, some became single moms after a beloved spouse suddenly passed without a goodbye from accidents, illness, or more recently, from trying to bring democracy to other lands beyond our own.

Stance in Life

Every single mom I have known has always put her children first before herself. We stand for responsibility, self-reliance, determination, and courage in the face of adversity. We work during the day; still look after our children in between, in the evenings & sometimes weekends as well; sometimes sacrificing our personal and rest time to carry out the household chores, help the children with their school work, become school volunteers as well as sports team moms, etc. Some single moms do not have families close by for a support network, like myself, and still stand outside with a brazen smile on our faces for the challenges each brand new day!


I hope Hot Single Moms will become the support network for all single moms out there. It is currently Bay Area-based, but I hope to create local groups in major cities in the future. I hope the group will become the first point of contact for single moms thinking that they are the only ones who have lost the company of their married friends, or become alienated by their friends who have never been married and without children. 

I hope to create a vibrant community of single moms who thrive on building relationships with each other, and in the process of making new lifetime friends, will learn about and discover themselves. Loving themselves and seeing the full potential of their individuality without relying on a partner will guide single moms to a future as successful, stable and sexy independent women as well as successful long-term relationship or marriage partners, if that is one of their goals.


I would like to incorporate a non-profit division to Hot Single Moms – that would reach out to truly destitute single moms. A vision of HOPE – that there will always be light at the end of the tunnel – with single moms helping other single moms by being the guiding light, advocate of hope, and a mentor or role model.

In the following pages, I hope it will illuminate to you that Hot Single Moms are often the sole support system of a disintegrated family, and more often than not, sacrifice a personal life for the sake of raising their children full or part-time. Believe it or not, Hot Single Moms in the Bay Area, are more than likely highly educated established professionals who work hard both in and outside of the home, successful and stable in their financially rewarding careers, and still look fit and sexy in their outlook on life.

Thank you for starting the tour of Hot Single Moms!




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